Order Management

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Broadridge OMS provides a flexible and scalable solution for managing your complete trading environment and is fully integrated across all your systems, service providers and data partners. Broadridge OMS is available as a standalone solution or can be integrated with our portfolio management systems (PMS) application.  This solution offers your firm a model for the front-office that is differentiated by neutrality, strong compliance capabilities, and supports for multi-asset classes, multi-prime, and multi-currency. We offer a platform that functions across global locations and investment strategies, and is supported by a robust trading network and third-party connectivity.


Trading and Order Management

  • Comprehensive security coverage including equities, fixed income, FX, futures and options, ABS/MBS and a wide range of OTC instruments (e.g., CDS, CDX, TRS, IRS, Variance Swaps)
  • Flexible trade modeling and rebalancing for order generation
  • Complete electronic trading and order routing solution with FIX connectivity to executing brokers, trade algorithms, and industry-leading EMS platforms
  • Wipe and load persistent position, reporting and integration with Advent’s Geneva
  • Real-time position and P&L viewer with seamless integration to real-time market data feeds
  • Integrated pre- and post-trade compliance tools including real-time alerts, customizable rules, and full audit reporting for firm-wide compliance management
  • Dynamic connectivity with prime brokers to identify short availability and locates in real-time, with complete borrow fee and rebates tracking
  • Fully integrated model library for real-time OTC valuation, sensitivity analysis, and fixed income analytics
  • Integrated risk management capabilities, including hedging tools and “what if” analysis on transactions,  portfolio, scenarios and shock capabilities

Connectivity and Integration

  • Maximize straight-through processing (STP) and reduce operational risks associated with the manual processing of allocations and confirmations
  • Tight integration with leading market data and EMS providers
  • Use as a standalone OMS or part of an integrated solution
  • Fully integrated with Broadridge’s or third-party PMS provider
  • Intraday confirmation module (Tradelink)
  • Integration with Omgeo’s CTM™ service for electronic matching of orders and confirmation of allocations


  • Broker-neutrality—We are not an executing broker and do not profit from client order flow in any way
  • FIX connectivity minimizes broker charges and fully loaded transaction expenses—flat fee (per connection) versus transactional (BPs) pricing model
  • Global support model—24X6 ½ coverage
  • Fully redundant ASP infrastructure minimizes total cost of operating your OMS
  • Multi-asset class coverage minimizes the need for multiple systems
  • Flexibility to integrate into your current infrastructure